Tier1 Water Testing and Analysis Service for WELL water

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A basic understanding about groundwater quality will help ensure that your well is supplying potable water for your household. EPA recommends that your well water be tested at least once every year.

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  • People living in agriculture areas where pesticides are most often used are at a higher risk as 95% of this population relies upon groundwater for drinking water.
  • Hard water leads to pipe corrosion and early appliance failure
  • Even moderate pH level deviations from neutral can have a variety of adverse health effects
  • Nitrates above permissible levels (as specified by EPA) are extremely harmful to infants below six months
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Tier1 Water Testing and Analysis Service for WELL water is a service provided by our Tier1 water experts for the testing of well water. We will provide a prepaid return envelope to the customer with a test sample tube, once the sample is collected and sent back using the return envelope, we will diagnose the sample and return the results to you in approximately 7 days. With the results we will include your suggested personalized water treatment solution, this will be the equipment that would be most suited to treat your particular water quality issues. No need to worry about searching for what systems would work best, we will provide the answer. Our team of water experts will be available every step of the process to assist and answer and questions you have. Ensure your water is being filtered for your specific needs with the Tier1 Water Testing and Analysis Service for Well Water.

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pH, Hardness and TDS: Why Should you Care?

It is always important to know what is in your water. If you have excessive contaminants if your water it can be unsafe to consume and reduce the life of your appliances that utilize water.

  • pH: This is to determine how acidic or basic your water is. Very acidic water can cause pipe corrosion, which can lead to metals entering your water supply. It is also very hard on your body’s digestive system, which can cause health issues. Very basic water can also damage your pipeline, but it will usually have an unpleasant smell or taste. To help balance pH a simple Calcite Backwashing Filter System can help.

  • Hardness: This is when you have minerals in your water that cause scale to be produced. Scale is a build of minerals and can cause damage to your appliances and makes your water feel slimy. If your shower starts to turn a yellowish color and you find yourself cleaning it all the time you may have hard water. Simple faucet filters can fix this issue, but it would be recommended to get a water softener that way your whole house will be protected.

  • TDS: This stands for Total Dissolved Solids. These are particles such as minerals, salts and metals that are within your water. The lower your total dissolved solids the more effective your water is when digesting. Using a reverse osmosis system will provide you with safe water that your body will appreciate and be able to easily absorb.

Metals, Nitrates/Nitrites, Sulphides, Bacteria, Pesticides: How to Remove?

  • Metals: This kit allows you to test for Copper, Lead and Iron. Know how much of these metals you have in your water is very important because if these levels are too high they can be very harmful. These metals usually enter the water stream through the pipelines. To reduce the levels of copper and lead in your water you can simply install a reverse osmosis system.

  • Nitrates/Nitrites: These nitrogen and oxygen compounds are naturally occurring, but can be dangerous if there are high levels in you water. These compounds can cause many health issues if not taken care of. A reverse osmosis system will reduce these levels and provide you with safe, great tasting water.

  • Sulphides: Sulfur particles react with natural occurring bacteria or other microorganisms and they produce hydrogen sulfide gas. This will cause your water to have an unpleasant smell or taste. These sulphides are normally not dangerous to your health, but are unpleasant. To help reduce the bad smell and taste you can install a Carbon and KDF Filtration System.

  • Bacteria: Microorganisms exist all around us and are usually not harmful to our health, but the most common microorganism, bacteria, can be harmful to your health and cause sickness. Bacteria is not always easy to detect; that is why it is important to test for. If there is bacteria in your water you can install a Carbon and KDF plus UV Filtration System in your home and it will ensure you have safe drinking water for you and your loved ones.

  • Pesticides: These can easily be absorbed from above ground and brought down into your drinking water supply. Many farmers and gardeners use pesticides to ensure their crops and plants are protected against pests, but it is not safe to consume. Pesticides can cause health issues and sickness if consumed in high percentages. To protect your water from pesticides you can simply install a Carbon and KDF System.

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