Tier1 Ion Exchange Resin (25 Liter Bag)

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Fits most water softeners
  • Premium grade high-capacity gel cation exchange resin
  • Suitable for use in residential and commercial water softening systems
  • Convenient 25 Liter increment offer
  • Inhibits further growth of limescale and damaging effects of hard water
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The Tier1 ion exchange resin (25 Liter Bag) is a water softener resin replacement option that allows for the addition of or the replacement of existing resin within a softener. This resin is a premium high-capacity gel polystyrene strong acid cation exchange resin ideal for most water softener systems. Conveniently sold in 25 liter increments, you can ensure you are getting the quantity you need. When in use, the resin will treat the hard water entering your home to help inhibit the further growth of limescale build up which can cause erosion of pipes, lowered equipment efficacy, and early appliance failure. Soft water will better clean dishes and clothes by reducing the hindering minerals that lower the effectiveness of your soaps and detergents. Ensure your water is treated with properly with the Tier1 ion exchange resin.

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Manufacturer's Id IER-100
UPC 641945745771
Primary Filter Media Ion Exchange Resin
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Guarantee for Life of the Product
Primary Filter Media Ion Exchange Resin

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