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Tier1 Precision Series Whole House Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Air Induction Oxidation Filter System, 4 - 6 Bathrooms

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Engineered to rid your water of foul odors and relieve you from the hassles of stained fixtures and ruined laundry. Say goodbye to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and the objectionable sulfur-like taste and rotten egg odor its presence leaves in drinking water.
  • Combines aeration with catalytic carbon technology to effectively reduce sulfur from water. Fully automatic regeneration with air capture.
  • Oxidizes iron for safe removal and filtration, no need to add additional chemicals or substances.
  • Requires specific delivery conditions, including ability to receive a lift gate delivery, low to moderate drive way pitch, ability to receive a 48-inch x 40-inch palletized delivery.
  • This item can only be shipped within the Contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.
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The Precision Series Tier1 Whole Home Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide Air Induction Oxidization Filter System reduces contaminants like lead from your water using air induction oxidation instead of chemicals to create great tasting safe water. This system uses compressed air to add oxygen to incoming water and a carbon media bed to both add a physical barrier as well as a filtering layer to trap iron. When the air is used up, the regeneration cycle begins. during this phase, oxidized iron is carried out of the system by water flowing up through the media bed and out to the drain. Air is then recaptured and the process resumes. Ensure you are filtering your water and removing that unpleasant sulfur like taste with the Precision Series Tier1 Whole Home Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide Air Induction Oxidization Filter System. Tier1 is ready to protect every drop.

System Specifications

Backwash Cycle 15 Minutes
Air Draw Regeneration Cycle 45 minutes
Total Water Consumed during Regeneration 80 gallons
Cubic Feet of Media 1.5 cubic feet
Automatic Bypass? Yes, this filtration system does use an automatic bypass during regeneration. You will have water service even during the regeneration cycle, it just will not be filtered at that time. There will be no disruption to water flow, only to filtered water.

How Does Air Induction Oxidation Work?

Incoming water is passed through a bubble of compressed air before being passed through a special filter bed. A chemical reaciton occurs and the soluble ferrous iron oxidizes in the water into ferric iron, a much more stable ionic arrangement. As more water is passed through the compressed air bubble, the air is used up and needs to be replenished. During the regeneration stage, the trapped ferric iron is backwashed out of the system and down the drain, never touching your drinking water pipes. It takes a considerable amount of water to wash the filter bed properly. The compressed air bubble is then regenerated before service resumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the air regeneration cycle noisy? The air regeneration cycle is distinguishable but not too loud.

What connections are needed for this filter? This system comes with 3/4 inch and 1 inch fitting connections.

Does this system have a manual bypass option? The Eco Series Tier1 whole house iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide air induction oxidization filter system is an automatic bypass function but can be manually bypassed and regenerated. Instructions for how to program the valve head can be found in every owners manual with the product. 

How long does the Regeneration Cycle take? Entire regeneration cycle will take 1 hour. 15 minutes for the backwash cycle and 45 minutes to replenish the compressed air.

How can I tell if my water needs iron treatment? Iron in your water can be observed by finding rust stains forming around areas of standing water, like toilets and drains, but ultimately the best way to find out is to test your water. Tier1 sells a wide array of water test kits like the 10 Panel Tier1 Water Test Kit, that can be used to tell you if you may need to treat for iron. This test can also be used after you install a system to see the effectiveness of your filtration system.

Experience the Tier1 Difference

Tier1 manufactures high-quality filtration and household products. We take creating and maintaining a healthy home seriously. Products must undergo rigorous testing and meet demanding quality expectations in order to earn the Tier1 badge. Every purchase is backed by the Tier1® Guarantee:

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Package Qty1
Primary ContaminantsCalcium, Manganese, and Magnesium
Used In BrandsTier1
Manufacturer's IdT1W-WH-IRN-MG-SLFR-BW-1054
Actual Size (in)58-1/4 inches (length) x 10 inches (outside diameter)
Actual Size (cm)147.96 x 25.4
System Sizinghomes with 4 or more bathrooms
MediaChemical Free Iron Reduction Technology
Primary Filter MediaGranular Activated Carbon
Flow Rate (gpm)5.8
Flow Rate (lpm)21.96
Fitting Size (inches)3/4 inch
Power RequirementsStandard 120v
Tank Dimensions10 inches x 54 inches
Reduction ClassChloramine, Chlorine, Low pH Adjustment
Warranty GuaranteeTier1® Whole House Systems: Protect Every Drop Guarantee
Includes10 inch x 54 inch pre-filled resin tank, control valve, power cord and 3/4 inch and 1 inch fittings

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1_T1W_WH_IRN_MG_SLFR_BW_1054 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Iron
  • Manganese

The TIER1_T1W_WH_IRN_MG_SLFR_BW_1054 fits the following model numbers


Installation Guide