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Tier1 Eco Series Water Softener Alternative (Salt free Softener) + Chlorine Reduction System + UV Disinfection for 4 - 6 Bathrooms

Price $1,775.00
Availability: In Stock
Get great tasting Chlorine free water while also reducing scale and water hardness to help preserve the life of your pipes and appliances. Ultra Violet System included for further protection. Ideal for families with larger homes.

Price as configured $1,775.00

The Eco Series Tier1 Whole House Carbon and KDF + UV Water Purification and Salt Free Water Softening System partners the carbon and KDF media blend tank with a salt free water softener and UV disinfection system to create a whole home solution covering the entire spectrum of contaminants. This system reduces a vast array of contaminants including chlorine and heavy metals, inhibits the build up of scale, and also reduces bacteria and viruses that would otherwise make it to your water. Scale build up leads to the early failure and lowered efficacy of pipes and water using appliances. Utilizing a water softener in partnership with KDF and carbon media delivers a solution to combat this harmful growth while also reducing contaminants such as sediment, herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine taste and odor. This system includes a pre-filter housing for sediment filters, the KDF and carbon tank, the salt free water softener, and finally a UV system. There is no brine tank, expensive replacement salt, backwash waste, or control valve to worry about. This full system provides high quality filtered water available for use throughout your entire home. Protect Every Drop with Tier1® whole house systems.

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