32,000 Grain Drop Connect Cabinet Water Softener and Drop Hub

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Inlet and outlet connections are 1 inch MPT
  • Low salt notification warnings directly to your mobile device
  • Remote shut-off control options at the touch of a button
  • Automatic softener resin regeneration cycle
  • Ability to monitor and review water usage and history
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You don't have to live with the perils of hard water in your home when you install the 32,000 Grain Drop connect cabinet water softener and Drop hub. This water softening cabinet style system is an all-in-one slim profile design that delivers high quality softened water with the advantage of top grade water monitoring technology. The water system and hub combination have a variety of features that make it an industry leader in user convenience and operational efficiency. The Drop hub can be synced with any smartphone device using the Drop connect app. The hub displays real time data on water usage and current flow rates along with historical data to see trends. The softening system can be remotely controlled from the touch of a button. ensure your house is protected from leaks and with a smart softening system, put control of your water in your hands.

Drop Cabinet Softener Features

Electronic Control Valve: Latest in softening technology, the electronic control valve optimizes performance, efficiency, and longevity of your system while providing a convenient operational function.

Demand Operation: Drop systems meter water use for precision regeneration when necessary, saving salt, water, and money. Meter technology automatically adjusts for heavier and lighter water use and is a reliable method of ensuring your resin is regenerated when needed consistently.

High Flow Media Tank: Delivers a high flow rate of up to 11 gallons per minute (gpm) to satisfy the needs of today's demanding households. The average US softener will only have a flow rate of around 5 gpm, enough for a shower and kitchen sink at the same time. While a small home may not need 11 gpm of filtered water it never hurts to have the capacity to meet demand with your Drop softener.

Integrated Manual Bypass Valve: Along with the ability to control your softener remotely, the Drop cabinet softeners include a manual bypass to allow you to take your system out of service should the need arise.

Water Usage Monitoring: Your system will monitor your water usage, providing real time and historical chart information that can help you make impactful choices on your water usage. Some of the real time information includes current water flow, peak daily flow, and daily average of the last 30 days.

Get Connected with the Drop Connect App

Download the DROP Connect App for free in the Apple Store or Google Play Store to control and monitor your softener right from your handheld devices! Simple step by step directions for setting syncing your system with the app can be found on Page 8 of the Drop User Guide. This easy to navigate app can be adjusted based on your needs and allows for your softener maintenance convenience. Put the power to monitor your water in the palm of your hand!

Drop Connect Hub

The Drop hub allows you to shut off you water with the touch of a button, monitor and receive notifications about low salt levels when applicable, and review water usage data and history along and much more! Simply sync the hub with the DROP Connect App and you can control your home water remotely and relax knowing your home is being protected. Alerts can be received via text message, emails and/or push notifications. The included Drop Remote extends your mesh network to provide extended coverage. When synced up with the leak detectors you can ensure you are checking in on even the troublesome spots in your home. This level of water and function control makes this softener system stand out from competitive alternative softener options.

The DROP system is a wireless operating system making placement of the Hub very flexible. However there are a few things to keep in mind when you locate the Hub. If you are planning to connect your Hub to your home WiFi be sure to place the Hub within range of that network. The range of the DROP Link network gives adequate coverage to a majority of homes without the use of repeaters. Any device on the DROP network that is powered from an outlet power source can act as a repeater. However, placing your DROP Hub in a central location in your home gives it the best chance of being able to reach all the devices on the network without the need for DROP repeaters.

Another feature to be aware of when placing the Hub is that the DROP Hub can power up to 5 additional DROP products. That is useful when there are not enough outlets to power all of the devices in an area with the provided power supplies. An example of this could be where a softener with a salt sensor, a backwashing filter and the Hub are all installed in a mechanical room. You can power the Hub with the provided power supply then connect the other devices to the Hub using the optional power distribution cord.

Drop Remote

The Drop remote can be strategically placed to extend your Drop network range. Extending the wireless range allows you to cover more area in your home and keep all your devices communicating smoothly with one another. The remote can by synced with other Drop remotes if a very large field of coverage is required. The remote can sync with many leak detectors to offer monitoring protection to your entire home.

Drop Remote, Extended Network Range

How Backwashing/Regeneration Works

Backwashing is a process which reverses the flow of water to rinse and resettle the media of the tank to prevent channeling, retain the effectiveness of the media, and remove trapped contaminants. To begin the backwash process, water flow is reversed and sent down the riser tube which normally carries the filtered water out of the tank. The water entering the media tank actually lifts the media bed, swirling it and lifting contaminants trapped in the media upward, this water is then funneled out the drain line. This process of cleansing the filter media usually lasts for around 10 minutes. Following the backwash phase there is a rinse cycle which replicates the normal flow of water through the media, this rinses the media again and allows it to settle into its serviceable position. With the media resettled and cleansed, water filtration may resume.

"Channeling" Inefficiencies

Channeling is a process caused by a liquids natural tendency to follow the path of least resistance. Over time water will find a path it can flow the fastest through and will carve a path or channel following its flow. This process causes a lowered system effectiveness because water will begin to flow around the filter media instead of flowing through it as intended. To fight this process and remove suspended contaminants a backwash and rinse cycle will mix up the media and then resettle it, counteracting the channeling process and providing maximum contact between the water and filtering media.

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UPC 0641945759495
Actual Size (in) 45 inches (Length) x 30 inches (Width) x 23 inches (Depth)
Flow Rate (gpm) 11
Flow Rate (lpm) 41.6395
Power Requirements 120volt
Includes 32,000 Grain Cabinet Softener and Drop Hub
Primary Filter Media Ion Exchange Resin

Reduced Contaminants

Installation Guide

User Guide


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