Hello, Clean! Tier1 is the clean water expert, our store is built to guide you to through the journey to extraordinary water. Chlorine and Chloramine are powerful disinfectants used in municipal water treatment.  These disinfectants have noticeable tastes and odors, contribute to dry skin and hair, and are damaging to laundry.  Tier1's City Water systems capture and reduce Chlorine and Chloramine at your home's point-of-entry, ensuring you have clean, fresh, great-tasting water in every room in the house. Tier1 systems will work independently to target contaminants or pair multiple systems together to target multiple issues.

Why Tier1Water.com?

Water filtration, in particular whole house systems, can be complicated and overwhelming. Retailers and manufacturers know this, which is why many offer high-pressure in-home services and promote lengthy and expensive service contracts. Tier1® understands this approach is unnecessary and has worked hard to eliminate costly and unnecessary layers of distribution and commissioned sales agents with Tier1Water.com®.

Tier1® goes to great lengths to ensure products meet rigid quality standards. From the design and manufacturing processes, all the way to your home, products are inspected, tested and undergo rigorous certification processes to ensure you receive the best possible solutions. Tier1® products do more than reduce contaminants or soften water, they promote and maintain a healthy home.

Tier1Water.com has been built with you in mind. The site is dedicated to presenting whole house systems assortment, and required consumable products, in a consumer-friendly manner. This allows you to understand your water needs and select a solution that works with your budget. Clean water should not be hard, so Tier1® made it easy with the Water Profile. Allow the experts to provide your curated list of product recommendations, complete your Water Profile here!

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