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Hard Water:
Problems and Solutions

90% of Americans have Hard Water. Don't let it cost you time and money!

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Tier1 wants to make sure that you have the information that you need to make informed decisions about your water solutions. Use these resources to learn more about water contaminants, water treatments and DIY installations.

Harmful Bacterial Contamination Commonly Found in Water
What is the Water Hardness Scale and What’s a Good Score?
Why is Water Staining Green or Blue and How to Remove It
Best Whole House Water Filter for Well Water
How to Remove Arsenic From Water
What's the Best Water to Drink?
Is Hard Water Bad for You?
Learn More: Well Water Treatment
Learn More: Chlorine and Chloramines
Learn More: KDF and Iron Reducing Filtration
Learn More: Nitrates and Nitrites
Learn More: Carbon Filtration
Lead: Problems and Solutions
VOCs, Pesticides, and Herbicides: Problems and Solutions
Microorganisms: Problems and Solutions
Learn More: Microorganisms

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